Sunday, 14 September 2008

Mango a/w 08

I came across Mango's new catalogue yesterday and I tell you this season looks like one big hit for them.

Not only I found the catalogue interesting enough to flick through, then read through all the way, then flick though again, it also sent me straight to the store to check out the new collection.

You will find a shoot of the limited edition collection by Penelope and Monica Cruz, with the beautiful brunette sisters modeling it themselves for the lens of Mert & Marcus, who have also signed work for brands like Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani and Miu Miu.

Selected snapshots from the catwalk show are showcased too, all priced and easy to follow. (In general the entire catalogue is priced, with amounts ranging between €12.90 and €169, yummy!).

Editorial shooting of the rest of the basic collection is naturally there aswell, but what I found so clever and wonderful and brave and meaningful in many ways, was Lauren Hutton's shoot, themed "we love you, lauren" and tagged "a sex symbol of the '70s and an icon today, Lauren Hutton is an example of how to grow older naturally with style". Signs of age proudly there, but the vibe of the woman was so intense that could compete with any teenage model, gives a great example that growing old doesn't mean loosing your charm and makes you want to be her when years go by and stop trying to be the 15-year-old cover girl.

As far as my visit to the store is concerned, I stayed till closing time, trying every single item on and desiding that Mango has by far the best fits in what is rightly considered a proper catwalk collection.

Useless bit of information: I ended up buying just a pair of shoes, but that's only because I really needed it for tonight and plan to go back there and make a serious total after I've smashed my piggy bank later this week:)

Check out and deside for yourself.

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