Thursday, 11 September 2008

Missing Isabella...

London, Aquascutum a/w 06
picture credits: Alecca Rox

Hello mi deers,
NY fashion week is still at large, with Vera Wang, Custo Barcelona and Calvin Klein being top of the list for most fashion editors today. I am not going to be a fashion pirate and reveal what they showed for s/s 09 - in any case, what do you care? you are just about to organise your winter wardrobe.
However, I am going to make a point of how much I miss Isabella (Blow) and post the above picture, a rare one of some of this century's worth mentioning fashion editors as well as a reminder of the soon-to-follow London Fashion Week. In case you are going, here's whom you should be contacting:
oh, and the schedule, it's final and it's out. Have a look:
Isabella may not be sitting front row with her red lipstick on this season, she will be though in the heart of every true fashion lover, inspiring and supporting what London exports best: fresh, pure, young talent.

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