Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Glassic Update

Artist Irene Matinopoulou posing next to her work "I want us to sit on the same table", a 3D glass object featuring a table and two empty seats, inspired by the fact that people no longer chat face to face (sitting on the same table) but through their computer screens.

The opening of the first Artistic Glass Meeting was a success, showing that there is a lot of talent going on in Athens in this very particular corner of the art world. Inspiration was driven from life, movement, forms, shapes and feelings and was very creatively reflected on the very fragile material that glass is. Here's something different, go see for yourself, as noted on earlier post, at Deinokratous #35 str., near Dexameni, Kolonaki. How about placing something classy and glassy on your wall?


eirini said...

Thank you for the support!I appreciated!

Eirini Matinopoulou

nina said...

Eirini is very talented and deserves the best! Everyone should check out her work. Go visit that exhibition!

Anonymous said...

thats hot! (and the glass is pretty cool!)

Anonymous said...

Nicely done Eirini good job :)
U r the best

Anonymous said...

too bad that this event, is not known to people! i went there and i was surprised by what i saw! i could never imagine that someone can make so much different things with glass!
the work that is shown in the pic, next to beautiful irene, is something you got to see closely!