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more on Athens Fashion Week

And some unofficial stuff...(don't quote me on this one):
ART & FASHION cultural program
Athens Fashion Week is enriched with new ideas and new programs, with the purpose of appealing to a bigger and broader audience and the aspiration of it becoming a grand celebration throughout the city. It wants to introduce fashion to all ages, especially the young, focusing on the significance of fashion and how it influences and shapes our daily life.
Particular emphasis is given to the presentation of cultural facts from all aspects of art (musical, figurative, dance, cinema, design, new forms of expression, etc.) and parallel events (congresses, competitions, reports, commercial meetings, etc.) that are associated with the fashion world; for example, the creation of an International Fashion & Art Festival that will highlight the wider social dimension of fashion.

The Cultural Program has been organized by the following well known greek artistsof contemporary art: Konstantinos Rigos (choreographer), Alexandros Psychoylis (Artist), Yiorgos Tzirtzilakis (Architect), Dimitris Arvanitis (Graphic Designer), Nadja Argyropoulou (CURATOR), Andonis Kioukas (Film Director).

FASHION & ART___________________________________________

HAND-PAINTED DRESSES: Painted Dresses of Pepi Svoronou 1961-1979.

FASHION IS WHATEVER: Four designers, THREEASFOUR, JUSSARA LEE, SHOPLIFTER and ZERO + MARIA CORNEJO whose work goes beyond the limits of catwalk and fashion, approaching sculpture, architecture and performance, present a fashion curatorial in collaboration with HYDRA SCHOOL PROJECTS. Assiduity: Dimitris Antonitsis.

Jean Charles de Castelbajac retrospective “Gallierock”: Photograph exhibition of TIM &BURRY- LONDON Famous singers and groups of Britain that are photographed with vintage pieces Jean Charles de Castelbajac.

60 students from schools of Fine Arts, Architecture, Graphic design, Photograph, Stage design, Clothes Design and Fashion will take part in this workshop that will take place all week in Gazi, creating original works that explore the relation of fashion and art. On the seventh these works of art will be available for the public to view at a grand show that it will also constitute closing of the 8th Hellenic Fashion Week.

Workshop 1: Photograph and Fashion
Rapporteurs: Designers, Fashion Photographers, Graphic Designers, Stylists
Workshop 2: Reason - Plot - Weaving - Mask
Rapporteurs: Designers, Art directors, Stage designers, Costume designers
Workshop 3: From Architecture to Clothing.
Rapporteurs: Designers, Architects.

FASHION IN CINEMA_______________________________________
Program of projections of films (cinema), documentaries and video clips on the subject of fashion and the persons that marked fashion history. (In collaboration with the “Nights Premiere” and the magazine “Cinema”. Curator: Filep Motwary

FASHION ON STAGE_______________________________________
Dance performance: Greek choreographers (Konstantinos Rigos, Apostolia Papadamaki, Antonis Foniadakis, etc.) create a vertebral representation of dance on the subject the fashion specifically for Hellenic Fashion Week

Presentation of WORKSHOP: art & fashion. Fashion Show. with live music
Street art & Fashion: Music performances, dance, skateboard, grafity, hip hop, DJ's
Exciting or what?

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