Thursday, 25 September 2008

Ticket Anyone?

I could go to Madonna OOOR ...sell my ticket and tour Australia.

OMG! This is half the fun. Not only people are selling Madonna tickets for stupid prices, stupid* people actually buy them.

(*i would have said desperate fans, but NO MY DEAR. What for a fan are you if you do not already have a ticket?? if you did not qeue, stay stuck in front of your screen whilst pulling a sickie, beg, steal and borrow to get it minutes after the release? Afff..)
a) AUCTION IT: auction your €80 ticket, get €600 for it and you could be spending Xmas in the Big Apple. If you have two tickets, even better, you get a bonus €600 to have a blast at 5th Avenue.
b) PLACE AN ADD: why auction and make unknown profits? Sell it. Place an add and name any price you like, i.e. say €400 and get the new i-phone.

c) SHAMELESSLY SELL IT FOR 8 TIMES THE PRICE. Because you're worth it:)

O.K. seriously now. Seeing Madonna performing live is priceless. I'd rather live on crisps than miss this!! (which is what I'm doing fyi, tempted as i am to sell my mate's ticket and buy tickets to go see her on each and every remaining tour location)

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