Monday, 22 September 2008

Recycle Fashion...

Everyone talks about seasonless fashion these days. To be honest, talking about it is becoming fashion in its own right: "scary, seasons are slowly fading into one, have you seen Prada's winter collection? It's actually bikini tops and t-shirts" and other scary comments of this nature.

Well, some do nothing about it. Some, recycle tins, glass and plastic. And some, have thought of recycling the fastest consuming products of our days: clothes and accessories.

You've worn it once, worn it twice and now it is sitting there on your shelf occupying precious space you could be using to store...what you've just bought. Recycle it for God's sake!

What's Mine Is Yours one way to do it. Swap, sell or buy. That's the simple concept so that nothing goes to waste. Check it out, i love it: 13,000 eco-conscious registered users.

For those of you living on or visiting the rainy island UK, also check out the Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair and add them on facebook too .

If only we could organise something like this in Athens too...
I say I start with a garage sale.

Happy Monday dahhlings.

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