Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Black Pumps

These are my new pumps. Fake, black aligator pumps. I am sooo happy for this buy. First of all they are very easy to walk on, which means hours of dancing around the Christmas tree tomorrow. Second I bought them for 400 euros. Ooops. I meant 40. Fourty euros, can you believe it? I've discovered this shoes paradise (location to be revealed in a following post) where everything is magically cheaper to anywhere else. My sister is still kicking herself for buying some boots for 100 euros, which we then found there for a mere 35!

Front hidden wedge is most likely what makes them so impossibly comfy.

The zip at the back was love at first sight. I think it is ever so stylish in a sort of ..kinky way.

And the length of the heels will keep me at a decent height this holiday!!
Merry Christmas everyone!


lopi said...

Congratulations, they are amazing! And being comfortable as well is always a plus!
Please do tell everything about this shoe heaven!!!

The Clothes Horse said...

Those are awesome. The zip detail is gorgeous.
Too bad you missed the party too! Sigh, life is hard. ^_-
P.S. Happy holidays!

Confessions of New York Youth said...

i love the zipper! i think that exposed zippers add so much to a piece of clothing. i love love love them on skirts!
happy holidays..

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