Saturday, 20 December 2008

January Issues

This is what they look like over here.
This year though, I find them all particularly boring...

They all have these supplements on expensive jewelery, editorials saturated by couture dresses and other stuff which even if I could afford, where the *ell would I wear and are obsessed with lifting and plastic surgery.

Em. How about a little inspiration for the year soon to come? Respect to Elle for its clever shopping feature, served as 57 ideas to survive the recess, as well as to InStyle to its little book of online shopping.

I am not done with this, I'm just taking a break to check out the xmas 'meet' market.

1 comment:

lopi said...

Greek ELLE magazine is really bad, in my humble opinion. They always have a "check out the new plastic surgery trends" and a "loose a gazillion pounds in half a day" feature on their cover. ALWAYS!
L'Officiel is just couture and greek Vogue is plain boring... But, just now I was about to pop down the corner to pick up a copy of In Style. I like that it features affordable and wearable clothes.
I think I'll go to the kiosk now!