Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Christmas in Athens

When I said I would look for christmas windows in Athens, I had something else in mind...

Many sad things happened in this city the last few days, and this is one of them.

Looks like this Christmas will be literally black, as the whole country is mourning for the teenage boy who got killed for no reason but also for all the shops and properties that were destroyed in the name of...?

So sad.


Laroux said...

I've heard about the whole situation on the news - it must be really horrible. I hope that everything gets right soon, and that Christmas in Athens is full of peace, love and fashion


Alecca Rox said...

400 shops were attacked and robbed and 80 were completely destroyed.I hope they will all manage to recover.

The kind of problem that supposedly caused this, doesn't get solved by this kind of actions.

Thanks for your wishes and whatever you do, Happy Christmas to you too Laroux;)