Sunday, 28 December 2008

Shoe Street Special

It was about time I revealed the street I've been talking about in the last two posts. To the Greeks or those visiting, this is definetely a hotspot not to be missed. To the rest of you, this post will simply be a bit of... shoe-national geographic.These are my boots, checking out -well- other boots at Filonos street in Piraeus. These ones I had bought years ago from Oasis in London for 5 quid. It was the last pair on sale and my size too (i'm a lucky 5). At the mo they are so in fashion over here, everyone keeps asking where I bought them from.
Today, Filonos is a street full of shoe stores. A few decades ago though, Filonos used to be the red district of the port of Piraeus. You can get there easily by train (it's about 3 blocks away from Piraeus train station) or bus (040 from Syntagma will drop you off at Dimotiko Theatro, 2 streets opposite Filonos). I know it doesn't look like much in the picture, but dig this: it's a mile of shoe stores!
The 35 euro boots that elsewhere will cost you 100. Now I've got proof. Print it and rub it at the face of those who think they can cheat this way:)
Apart from the excellent prices, I really like the shops down there for being unique and covering aaaall styles and types of feet. It is more than fashion really and I think that's great. It should always be about personal style and not what big brands want you to stock on each season. Style is beyond fashion, and that's what this blog is all about anyway.
Most shops are quite old and still have this ancient system of protecting their windows (or should I say vintage?). Boots look imprisoned in there and this adds to my desire of wanting to free them and take them home. (any excuse...)
I quite like the red pumps on the left. Maybe I'll buy them, price is totally silly.

And these are my sister's next target. Not sure how I feel about shiny leather on such a large surface, but for 70 euros, what the heck!

Hope this was inspiring. I definetely enjoyed sharing.


lopi said...

Those pink wellies are out of this world! So jealous! I would ask you too!
Too bad Filonos is too far away from where I live in Athens... But I'll keep that tip in mind. Who knows where my shopping adventures will take me next time?
PS If your sister gets the boots, we want pictures!

Anonymous said...

oh I have to go shoe shopping now :oooo

Krystal said...

NICE!!! xx

She's Dressing Up said...

I love rainboots =]

The Stiletto Effect said...

Great post and cool song :D I really like it :)
Thx for your kind words!
I'm adding your blog to my list, right now

Girl next blog said...

I'm glad you like the line I posted! I hope it's inspiring.