Thursday, 18 December 2008


Recently I experienced a feeling I had almost forgotten: the thrill of UNWRAPPING a present!

Last weekend, a friend visited the Fox Fair Bazaar in Bacaro, Athens. She got me this wicked bunny-shaped mirror pendant by Queen 2 Trash, which was one of the most fun gifts I ever received. That's partly because now every time I wear it my friends tend to correct their lipsticks coming so close to it, boys around us hold their breath expecting us to kiss (idiots! lol) but mostly because of the very simple and imaginative wrapping, which kept the excitement high all the way till I got to it.
Here's unwrapping it step-by-step for you all over again!

Yes, this is a paper bag, just like those we pick at the grocery store.

Oh, and this is a tapper-ware-like thingy, just like the ones we keep in our fridge.

Another paper bag in that (she could have bought me walnuts for all I knew!)

And ta-ta! My gorgeous pendant popped out, looking even shinier and all the more important in contrast to its humble yet very complexed wrapping!

I think I am going to use the idea & wrap my xmas gifts in a similar way. It is cheap and imaginative and surely adds excitement to the whole process. Not sure about the tapper-thing though, not easy to find cheap and it is unnecessary plastic. It will have to be substituted with paper boxes for me.

In case you are wondering, the tapper that used to hold my mirror-bunny is not in my kitchen. I am using it as a nest to all my earings and small accessories. Looks so pop in my bathroom.

Hope you found 'unwrapping' as inspiring as I did. Happy wrapping!


lopi said...

Such a cute, thoughtful present! And I also believe that the days spent just guessing what the present beneath the christmas tree is and finally unwrapping it are half the actual fun.
So, would you mind if I added you to my "greek fashion bloggers" blogroll?

Alecca Rox said...

Sure, go ahead and add me:) Thx.

Yes, presents under the christmas tree are quite a thrill too!