Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I got a Cape

And I am loving it.

I think capes should score high in this winter's top 5: they are so cute, smaller than a jacket yet as warm, totally in line with this season's passion for volume.

This one is by a Greek brand called Know-How and retails for 69 euros.

The particular shape leaves enough uncovered arm to show off my new extra long gloves too;) It is all about the front cut, you get the effect of slide-though sleeves without losing the look of a cape. Since added to my wardrobe, I've become addicted to it and happily throw it over both day and evening outfits.

You won't be able to buy Know-How online (however if you want it badly I could play personal shopper and mail it over!), but you can check these out:

 has this longer version for 175 pounds ( ) which is not exactly budget price and chances are you won't be one of the few to own it. So I discovered this:

It is a cape by Enderby Design, available at for 65 dollars (hurray) ( If you like it you must hurry cause if I saw correctly there was only ONE left!

Still, don't panic if you miss it, Enderby has put online the cape templates to diy (

There's also a ...rather detailed video to guide you through it at

Final thought: it's not random most superheroes wear a cape. Mine, I think it's got the magic power of turning any outfit into a stylish look.


lopi said...

That cape is amazing! Where are the Know How shops in Athens?
It's true we don't wear capes anymore... What a waste.
I'd love to see how you wear it!

Alecca Rox said...

I don't think Know-How has any own stores...I got mine from Vertice in Holargo but I know there is also one in Ag.Meletiou str. in Athens, called Pink Angels.

Was really close to buying it in red, but thought graffity-grey could make more than one season in my closet:) Next time I wear it will post a pic (maybe tonight?!)TC!