Monday, 15 December 2008

Your Cat in a Bag

I am sure you were not expecting this post...
Right below is a picture of my lovely persian, Maya. Then there is a picture of what I could apparently be making out of her (!) Well, actually, her fur.

Not my idea, I feel I should stress out at this point! I subscribed to the newsletter of and this was amongst it's topics followed by this clearly dissapproving comment:

"These are the ugliest, most disgusting handbags I have ever seen in my entire life. (...) I don’t know what meds the lady behind the loom is taking, but I want some in my Christmas stocking. Woven Persian cat hair with beads and bows and lace for a mere $400 a bag…. what a steal ladies and gentlemen".

Wondering how it's done? You can watch it on video. I find it a little creepy. Especially the part where this lady says that when she has to put her cat to sleep at least she'll be left with the handbag.

On the other hand, nobody dies, like in the case of a leather bag for example, and you do eliminate the waste you release on the environment. Nothing goes to waste!

However, none tells you what's the effect of the bag i.e. on your boyfriend if he is allergic to cats. Do they still sneeze like hell when the handbag is around?

Watched the video very carefully with Maya who does produce enough material to make an entire wardrobe, let alone a purse. She was not impressed.

But then again fashion has its strange ways of being made out of anything. Will this ever be big? Seeing the number of groomers that offer the service in the U.S. ( I say in fear: maybe!


lopi said...

At first I thought, eewwww!
Then I watched the video and it wasn't so bad. The cats don't die and the cat owners are happy.
But now other questions start popping into my poor mind. She said her heart jumps whenever she sees a persian come into her salon. Who says she doesn't shave dead cats too? That yearn is gold, for $400 a handbag! Which, in my humble opinion, are seriously ugly.
So, still undecided here...

Your cat, on the other side, is seriously a cutepie! So jealous!

Alecca Rox said...

ew-ew... had not thought of that. I guess if you decide to do this you must make sure it is your own cat's hair:)

Maya is a very funny little furry ball. And she surely appreciates clothes, curls up on them every chance she gets (grr!) See ya! x

The Clothes Horse said...

That is creepy. I suppose I just don't want to be on a first name basis with anything I eat or wear...

Alecca Rox said...

she could be making little coats for the poor things, I guess they will be missing their fur till it grows back!