Sunday, 25 January 2009

Marc Jacobs, MMD

Oh - Make My Day, Mark J!

Actually, it was my friend who made my day by giving me this Marc Jacobs lipstick pen. I know this has been around for quite a while, but dear friend visited San Fransisco recently and after all this time, put an end to my lust.

I think they are as cheap as $1.20 but it's so not about the price, this pen* is kewl.

*the strass emblazoned pen next to it was one I had bought myself from Sunny Side Up. Best substitute I could find here in Greece, equally cute, no?

She also gave me this, which at first thought was a fun pack of matches. It is fun alright, matches it's not:)
Sure Marc, safety first. Fashion can get certain messages across simply and loudly.

(potentially silly quest.: is this really Marc Jacobs' hand-writting? Gee man, you write like a five-year-old:P)

*Cheers Kristine, totally MMD;)*

P.S. I've decided. I am buying the Marni shoes. To be continued...


Lopi said...

It's amazingly cute, not to mention a clever idea that will make people look twice!
From now on you will be known as "the girl that writes with the lipstick pen". Sorry, lame joke from the "Shopaholic" series...

DaisyChain said...

OMG, I want both of those things haha!

ShoppingTherapy said...

I'm totally heading off to the Marc Jacobs boutique tomorrow to get one for myself!

Larissa said...

Love the Marc Jacobs pen, I have a rip-off lipstick pen (pink 'lipstick' tip and pink glitter snow globe effect on the body) from Clinton Cards, such a gorgeous and girly addition to any stationary set!

Also - a Marc Jacobs condom?! Does it smell of his Daisy fragrance :P


Frances Davison said...

haha, that's so clever! I waaant the pen, I really do. x

Anonymous said...

lol cute love it :>