Friday, 19 June 2009

Hold on a minute

Looking at the last few posts, I couldn't help but notice there's some sort of general crisis going on (and I don't mean the economic one): Jimmy Choo is doing H&M, Giles Deacon is by now a resident at New Look, D&G are reducing prices, Stella McCartney is doing yet another affordable project and Donna Karan is urging people to buy designerwear in order to support the professions behind it.

Does anyone else see the fear of uncertainty closing in here?

Don't be too quick on celebrating a victory over expensive fashion. I mean would you care so much to own a pair of cotton trousers that look like pyjamas and are made in Romania, if they did not have the label Comme des Garcons sawn on it? Would you still fight for it like a five-year-old in a candyshop when CdG collaborated with H&M if the real deal was not so impossibly expensive? Tell me now that you got it, does it really feel you own a CdG?

So some overcharge, but why not? Do we, shoppers, punish them? Which one of us would say "no, thanks, I don't want to wear your diffusion so you can overcharge in the real line" or "I'd still buy it if there was no campaign supporting it"?

I may have mentioned this before: when Lagerfeld launched his H&M collection, someone told me "it's all happening so that Chanel will sell another lipstick". Wise words I didn't really get at first...

Good or bad? Time will tell.

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Thalia said...

such a great article...i think about it all the time..vanity and greed can be bad vices...