Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Euangelia (TellAStory)

What made Tell-A-Story all the more interesting, was bumping into Euangelia's dresses. Volume in interesting shapes, worn on a manequin with the legs of a table was an eye-catcher as it was. The fact that the dress came in perfect seems and easy-to-wear line was a bonus.
She told me her designs have no age, anyone can wear them. "My designs are alternative, for people who are different. They are made for those who know how to wear clothes without letting the actual clothes wear the people". (nicely put, thank you). Euangelia's signature is as unique and intriguing as the clothes she does: dresses, skirts, girls + boys tees that can be worn inside out. And you can be sure they are all literally unique, made once so you can be the proud owner of something none else posesses. Loving it...
Face to the name: designer Euangelia on the left, posing with director Stella (centre) and Athens Voice' Sandra (right).
Euangelia's rail. Beautiful, warm colours, unusual shapes and carefully selected fabrics. In this shot, she's preparing one of her handmade business cards (see bottom of this post).
Staring at Miss T's lence for Global Hipster's shoot at the very hip w.c. of Bios.
She's been designing for the last 3 years which would tag her as "fresh" but also long enough to show she's not another enthusiastic passer-by.

According to Tell-A-Story's release, she has "collaborated with well-known fashion designers and photographers at TV shows, advertisements, fashion shows as well as custom design in theatrical place". She has already presented her work at Athens Xclusive and Fashion Forward.
Miss T and Mr S at work. Mr S did this shooting in oldskool proper film. Pics soon to be posted on their blog. Looking forward to that.
Fun details: Euangelia's newspaper wrapped bangles, Miss T's and Euangelia's boots, bottom left and top respectively.
This is Euangelia's official business card, hand-written on the spot by her, on pieces of magazine pages. Kinda cool, no?.

You can try Euangelia's unique designs at her atelier in Psurri, Aristofanous 15 but also at:
-Occhi in Sarri str., Psurri
-Suonsi in Pagkrati
-Buy Me Gallery in Korinthos

Her clothes retail between 100 - 200 euros, excellent prices for non-mass, signature pieces of such stitching.

Note this name, you'll soon be coming across it too often.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I think toise newspaper bangles are genuous-more artists/designers should be recycling things. Also her hair is so anti-gravitational, it's amazing.
Thanks for your comment, you really would be surprise at how long goldfish live-up to 25 years, but one of are neighbours overfed it whilst we were on holiday and I suspect this lead to its demise.

Siru said...

Looks like a lot of fun! It's always nice to hear from new designers!

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

that's for sure some unique pieces!

The UrbanTeam said...

great fresh post her and know her work :)