Tuesday, 24 March 2009

FWA day3 line-up

Fashion Week Athens is upon us, this is the line-up for day 3 (Sun, 29/03): ANGELOS BRATIS, DIMITRIS DASSIOS, PARTHENIS, YIORGOS ELEFTHERIADES. “ΝΕW COMERS”: Dimitris Zafiriou, Dimitris Petrou and De light (Evi Retziou and Dapne Iliaki.

In pictures:
Designer Angelos Bratis.
Bratis' work.
Dimitris Dassios.
Samples of Dassios' work.
Orsalia Parthenis.
Her work, labeled Parthenis.
Yiorgos Eleftheriades.
Eleftheriades' work.


Dimitris Zafiriou.
Zafiriou's work.
Dimitris Petrou.
Petrou's work.
Designer duo De light (Evi Retziou and Dapne Iliaki).

De light's work.

Just to get things straight, Athens Production's confirmed the pictures from the press kit are samples of the collections to be presented this coming fashion week. MiRo material is missing because they did not have a visual ready for the kit. Their work is worth seeing though so I'll make sure I post a pic or two from their show.

day 2 line-up here.
day 1 line-up here.

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