Sunday, 29 March 2009

FWA 28/03 - (part1)

"In times of crisis we need elegance... and then some more..." was printed on Vassilis Zoulias invite. He gave his answer to recess in beige, black, fucshia and parrot green pencil shaped dresses and exaggerated bows. The show was packed, even though scheduled at 16:30 on a very sunny Saturday afternoon.
Zoulia's closing piece on Kylie Bax, New Zelander special guest.
Guess who. Resting on the very convenient M of Mtv, perfectly sized to fit my proportions. Thank you guys. (dress: Mango, boots: Eley Kishimoto - I know you like references...)
Konstantinos' show at 6... something.
Closing walk.
Detail + pretty face.


Lopi said...

Hey, it's weird we've both been in Technopolis these last two days and we haven't met yet! If you see me today, will you come introduce yourself? I don't know how you look to do so first.

Alecca Rox said...

True. Let's hope we bump into each other at some point.