Sunday, 29 March 2009

FWA 28/03 - (part2)

Around 7 started the video presentation of Maria Mastori's and Filep Motwary's work, a short film called "Sophia" by JANOS VISNYOVSZKY. Was projected at the Cafe/Vodka lounge. Posting it here so you can have a look too.

The video kept being projected for the rest of the evening on the building right oposite Hall A. Very cinematic.Bumped into Sandra Odette Kipriotaki (left) and Virginia Milia (right), the web-VJ's of stylewatchTV for FWA#9. Admittedly their presence added tons of style to the event.

Mtv was there too, handing out the mic, reporting and making things more lively. Saw somewhere the STAR channel crew too (expected) and Markelos Nichtas followed by camera, interviewing the crowd, not sure for whom. Where was everybody else? (this question has become such a cliche)

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