Saturday, 21 March 2009

A story about TellAStory

This weekend's posts are a tribute to... last weekend. And that was all about Tell-a-Story, an alternative fashion fair that's growing quietly in the heart of Athens. (o, think they recently paid a visit to Cyprus too).
As previously posted here, this time it was held in Bios, that strangely atmospheric multispace on Pireos str. Not a multispace in the sense of many levels, however I have witnessed it transform so well from a quiet cafe to a conference hall, to a concert space, to an exhibition hall, to a club. If that's not multi.
So this is what was going on in the front room. Coffee + chat + more coffee (provided you were patient, only one girl servicing the bar, wonder if she took the week off later that day).
At the back though, it was a whole different matter. Tell-a-Story was boiling with hot young talent.
Since the exhibition was mainly for wholesale, I saw no point in on-the-spot reporting. Most exhibits were stunning though so I'll be soon posting about them, as well as where to get them or simply check them out.

I was happy to see the blogger community had a strong presence there, good news for a fashion scene that does not have many ways to reach the public and (rightfully?) avoids conventional press.
Clemmie from Clementine Melroy. Her wicked plane-shaped earrings reminded me she had been travelling recently. "Accessorize" she said.
Miss T from Global Hipster. Camera at hand and photographer colleague by her side, she held quite an impromptu photoshoot at the w.c. of Bios. Go girl.O, and moi in totally no name boots, loving the bathroom tiles. Late '60s - early '70s? Very nostalgic I thought.

Fashion Architect Lopi was there too, but it wasn't meant to meet this time. Here's what she thought of the exhibition.

Will be back with more. Have a great Sat and if you're around, check out the Fox Fair which is making a come back in Bacaro today.


Ella Gregory said...

I love the earrings - so cute.

Clemmie and Melroy said...

haha! Accessorize indeed. 6 euros or sth :) love kidult stuff

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Looks like such a cool time. I totally love the bathroom tiles too. :)

yiqin; said...

A plane earring?! So cute!

DaisyChain said...

Oh, those plane earrings are fantastic!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

those airplane earrings are adorable, i want them.