Thursday, 7 October 2010

Dimitris Petrou - the show

The show opened with Tina Sardela's fashion video, a very pleasant surprise to everyone in the room. Coming soon on your screens but till then, imagine a very well directed abstract clip featuring the creation of a suit with a strangely dark twist.
By now the guests are in the right mood and mode. Lights on, the show is on.
Very feminine women, cutting edge, stylish men. Designs coming in many shapes to match any body according to the sur mesure theme but still reflecting well contemporary fashion. Light brownish grey was an excellent choice of canvas. You can see for yourselves once you've paid a visit to Petrou's showroom any time as of tomorrow.

A well organised show, captivating throughout and real-life, real-people friendly. A great evening then.

Stage direction by Konstantinos Rigos. Get your taste right below. Clip doesn't do it justice, but you'll get the idea:

And yes, they were there too, from left to right, Fashion Paths, The Soho Symposium, Life in Athens, Life Full of Fashion and Fashion Architect. Click on names to see this show through their lenses.
More faces in following post.


Lopi said...

can't wait for Tina to upload her clip, I want to see it again! same goes for Dimtiris' clothes, I hope we'll get to see the pics shot by the profs, cause our sad little cameras don't do them much justice :(

(borrowed you group shot, hope you don't mind :) cause, as usual, I totally forgot to pose myself)

MirAge said...

Video is up girls! Spread the word ;)