Friday, 15 October 2010

FWA s/s11 - Aslanis, 14.10.2010

All photos are courtesy of Patricia Munster, click on her webspace for more.

Just because it's clothes I wouldn't wear right now due to current lifestyle or personal style alone, it doesn't mean you don't get to see them and make up your own minds. Afterall, Aslanis is one of the sacred monsters of this field, counting too many years in the Greek fashion business.

Well worth checking out is this report by Fashion Algorithms. It is spot on the impression you get when you're an 'Aslanis Catwalk Virgin', very sweet and accurate. Actually, not many things have changed since the last show when it comes to that.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the mention alecca! didn't see you at technopolis these days!hope to see you there soon!

Alecca Rox said...

last year i tried the mask, this year i'm trying invisible;) see you soon, on or offline.