Monday, 18 October 2010

Since Celebrity Skin's last show

Seven days to showtime, and it's update o'clock. Here's an idea of what Celebrity Skin have been up to since their last show:

*Designed costumes for Paloma Pedrero's theatrical play Anna 11M (Theatro Mihanis Technis)
*Styled Penelope Anastasopoulou and Onirama for Fresh FM's & Mad TV's party
*Ada Livitsanou's tv wardrobe for the Greek Idol and all her live concerts with Volt
*Costumes and styling for Eleonora Zouganeli's appearence at Mad Awards as well as live on stage at Stavros tou Notou (starting October 22nd)
*Dressed Maria Solomou at Oniropagida - Ant1 (stylist Manolis Gialesakis)

*Dressed Betty Maggira - Alpha (stylist Ioanna Salamoura)
*Appeared at numerous editorials in magazines such as Ozon, Vogue, Chew Magazine, e-merge, Craffard, Hello, Athens Gem, Lux/Los Angeles and Z!nk (most recently, see image above)

-For more peeps at Z!nk's editorial, click here.

--> Invitations giveaway for Celebrity Skin's show on October 25th closes tomorrow midnight.

However, do check this space later today for the most impossible competition coming up.

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