Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Sotiris Georgiou - details

More than chess effect. Taking a closer look, it's zig-zag cut pieces of fabric, resembling those on sample cards by textile companies. Must have been a great deal of work to cut them individually and make them behave as one. Connotation is appreciated too.
Ever looked up whilst watching a movie at a summer cinema in the city? Seeing the buildings behind the jasmine trees surrounding the space is surreal. You are inside an oasis where cement cannot touch you as long as the movie is on. Or in this case, as long as the show is on. Again, loved the location.
Perfect versions of this hairstyle are not as simple as they look. And what on earth is this, holding it together?
Make-up artist (as well as musician and DJ) George Hatziioannidis is later on sharing the secret backstage:
It's elastic tape. Toolbox making friends with hair styling. Creative. And cool result.
Shoulder play. Sexy, especially in this '80s flavour, letting skin show. Thumbs up.
A tail-ed take on mens tees. Wear suits with tails when you play the piano at a gala. Wear t-shirts with tails whilst playing guitar in a band. Air guitar counts too. And yes, I'd steal it anytime from your closet.
Shoes in a suit. He's done it before, he did it again. Excellent. Sotiris Georgiou literally dresses the shoes for this show in some very interesting and well-made gowns. Hope they go to production. Saying that, the shoes he styled for his previous show were so successful, they received orders and are now out for sale.
Catwalk line-up. Always an interesting piece of paper. Choosing of the model who opens a show is a serious decision, no paper off the hat. So it happens that the first three names I can read on this are some of the most promising new generation Greek models right now. Close-up in future post.

*See shots of the actual show, here.


battered couture said...

sotiris always has some unexpected ideas. never lets u down.

DinDinaki Koudounaki said...

ένα έχω να πω. ακόμα κι αν ένα event αναπαράγεται απο τα υπόλοιπα blogs, πάντα θα χεις κάτι νέο να πεις και μάλιστα θα ναι και το πιο ενδιαφέρον.great, great post!!!