Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Berlin Street Gourmet

Half the reason I went to Berlin was the fashion week. The other half, was currywurst (currysausage for the non-german speakers).

Currywurst, pronounced koorivoorst, is by now considered to be a national German dish. Sort of like the Greek souvlaki, it is widely sold in the streets (if I was a brave eater, I'd stop at every canteen)

There's even a Currywurst Museum in Berlin, at Schützenstraße number 70, where you can enjoy threedimensional installations and classic exhibits are intended to playfully arouse enthusiasm for the internationally known item of German food culture.

For the record, currywurst was first sold by Herta Heuwer at her Take-out at the corner of Kant-Straße and Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße in Berlin on September 4th, 1949. The original Currywurst was a boiled sausage, fried, with a sauce of tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, curry powder and other ingredients. (thank you wiki).

In case you fancy a bite, all you have to do is grill a pork sausage, slice it and cover it with ketchup and sprinkle curry powder (the more the better). Fresh bread makes the whole experience even tastier. (a more... official recipe can be found here)


stella said...

για μένα το καλύτερο ήταν σάντουιτς με χοιρομέρι...αααα

Thalia said...

yam yam!!! and i m starving!!!