Friday, 10 July 2009


It was almost like bumping into an old friend from London. First I noticed the decorations, a couple of hundred voodoo-like dwarfs. (I wanted to take one home for some reason) (I did not do so)

Then, I noticed it was Firetrap.

I did not take any pictures of the line, since it was for SS 10, therefore still under wraps for the vast public. However, here's what it will be all about, according to the Bread & Butter Brand Bible:

SS 10 sees FIRETRAP explore a 'lost and found', 'mix and match' approach where Americana meets English eccentricity. The mood continues to be dominated by the darker elements of Rock'n'Roll, here fused with the confident use of bold colours. 80s inspired asymetric blocks of colour clash with classic summer-time prints to create contrast.

The attitude for womenswear is softened slightly for summer-time with garments loved and laundered rather than distressed and distroyed - a mixture of thrift store finds in new shapes and playful proportions, toughened up by zips, studs and workwear detailing.

- Firetrap is a UK founded brand , established in 1993.
- There are 1,500 retailers selling Firetrap worldwide at the moment.
- Firetrap's mission is to act as a mirror to London's unique style and attitude - creating their very own brand of London-ism.

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DaisyChain said...

I love that playsuit