Monday, 13 July 2009

Since I own one...

...I might aswell present it to you. It is a special collaboration between Eastpak and the Eley Kishimoto duo for Spring-Summer 2009. The first, has served me well at school. The shows of the latter in London Fashion Week, are amongst my favourite UK memories.

Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto have designed this "flash" print which they have also included in a secret pocket insite the bag as a pin. The bags are collectible, numbered and come with unique numbers to register online and be part of a priviledged database for exclusive info and future project alerts.

You can check out other Eley Kishimoto collaborations, projects, as well as their actual collection, here and here.

This bag proved out to be a real gem in my trip to Berlin and by pure coincidence I had the pleasure of dancing to the music Mark Eley DJed at a magazine's party in the German capitol. Will write all about this though in a different post.