Sunday, 12 July 2009

Chie Mihara @ Premium

Amongst the very loud names participating at Premium Exhibition, was that of shoe designer Chie Mihara. Chie, was born in Porto Alegre Brazil to Japanese parents and studied in Japan and New York before finally deciding that Spain was the place to be.

Launched her personal line in 2001 which is as inspiring as the fact that she created a family and is currently a mother of three!

Chie was not there herself, her German distributors though were so kind as to take me through the winter and next summer collection and give me her email. So in the end, here's Chie taking this blog's readers through her work:

Alecca: What shall we expect from you this winter?
Chie: I thought we need to laugh a bit, to have some humor in these times, without it the product has no appealing and therefore no success… So, my winter collection is all about fun and uniqueness. Things you don’t see anywhere, details nobody dares at this moment… Things that make you fall in love…

Because obviously all our closets are full of clothes and shoes, bags, eyeglasses…and why need more? That’s the trick!! Yes, you have to make “that” product women will say “I need to have it”!!! And being a woman these times is really a plus, at least from my point of view… I can perfectly understand women’s needs and what makes us crazy!!

A: What was the inspiration behind the collection?
C: - Late thirties styles, lot’s of suede and feminine details.
- Rounded toes with inside platform and big platforms too… Curvy heels, straight…but voluminous shapes.

A: Have you got a personal favourite design?
C: I have many favorites, will send pictures. (pictures featured here)

A: For which type of woman would you say you design?
C: For the woman with sensibility and in search for something special and different.
A: A simple advice for Alecca Rox readers?
C: Buy a quality and a very good fitting shoe, even if that’s a bit more costly, you will notice a big difference! Because behind the scenes, there are hundreds of people caring for the smallest detail to make a good and long lasting shoe.

*Special thanks to Chie Mihara, she truly is wonderful!*

--> You can browse and shop the current collection, here.


Hari K said...

congrats for the interview!!
her shoes are wonderful indeed!!

Katerina said...

sinxaritiria gia tin sinenteuxi!!!!!!exei poly oraia sxedia!!!8a koitaxo oloi tin collection!!

Thalia said...

great interview!!!!!!
no need to tell how much we like her work!!!!

lopi said...

My favourite shoe designer! I hope to expand my collection (counting three pairs of pumps and one pair of boots till now) soon...

Thnaks for the interview!

Jo said...

Ououou...Congrats...!!!The shoes simply rock.

Jane said...

Love the interview--so cool to find out about what's behind the new styles. Yesterday I was looking at the fall Chie Mahara's Ped Shoes just got in, so finding this interview today is especially cool. I like knowing the thinking that goes into a shoe.