Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Discovering Darimeya

Well Peaches Geldof, Keisha from the Sugababes and Kate Moss have done it first, a long time ago. Better late than never, I present you Darimeya, based in London and established in 2003.

In Premium, I had the chance to meet the Korean designer behind the brand, Nicky Lee Inthsorn. To my surprise, her assistant was Greek, Fragiski (pictured right).

The collection is a sweet mix of short dresses, so special they caught my eye from the other side of the room. Nicky gave me a mini interview, especially for you:

Alecca: What is the theme of your collection?
Nicky: (smiles) Alice in Wonderland! The inspiration comes so naturally each time. My last collection was themed "Cupcake" after someone brought over some delicious cupcakes in the office.

A: What fabrics do you use?
N: I use silk-satin, soft jersey and mixes of wool. Pure wool gives you knots after washing so I prefer fabrics that are a mix of wool and acrylic. I decorate with buttons, frills and lace. I also do my own prints.

A: Isn't that expensive? Don't you get copied?
N: It is, but we do our best to keep our prices to affordable levels. We sell in Topshop basement you know. Yes we get copied. At the moment we are in court with three companies. One way of avoiding copy-cats is by placing our logo discreetly on every print (see pictures).

A: Do you sell anywhere in Greece?
N: Yes we do! (she showed me a short list, I noted "Lalika" in Athens and "Nati-Mati" in Thessaloniki)

However, you can check out Darimeya online too, here. The prices are affordable indeed and from time to time there are some yummy sales on.

Thank you Nicky & Fragiski, it was a pleasure;)


Hari K said...

alecca you make me blush!
how come i didn't know about darimeya?!!!?
just checked the homepage and maybe it's a weird thing that i do, but i always judge a brand by it's homepage!! i have to say that i'm delighted!!! it's peeeerfect!!
and i love the clothes,too!!!!
thanks for introducing her to me!
lot's of love!

Thalia said...

i think i ve seen some of her dresses in Lalika but i am not sure!! cool that they have online shop as well!!!

lopi said...

Nice trick they have to avoid copy-cats! I love girl dresses, and unique, quirky ones are even better!