Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Justin @ BBB

Justin Timperlake was at Bread & Butter too, promoting his line, William Rast. According to my BBB Bible:

William Rast is the "New America" denim culture brand, founded by business partners Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala. It is grounded in the iconography of American denim heritage and biker culture, yet repackaged and presented in a contemporary context.

Bread and Butter meant the finale of the 2009 William Rast tour of Europe, that started with Colette in Paris and Selfridges in London.

I am guessing this is what happens if you team up with a singer to do a brand: you go on a tour.


stella said...

oh! he's a cutie

C. said...

well I don't know if he is "bringing sexy back" but.. he is definately sexy!

Blan said...

I always love Justin

Anonymous said...

im not such a big fan of jt, its just when the whine starts rolling form his mouth...
4 minutes was good though:)
and i admit..he is bringing sexy back:)

Ri said...

I find him sexy, but his jacket is ssssexier!