Friday, 14 May 2010

Award Friday

Friday is a good day to give awards.
Especially the one I was crowned with by fellow blogger Sugahspank (her blog is an ongoing party around Greece lately, have you seen?). So according to protocol, I am passing on this award to three queens:

Queen of island blogging:
Fashion Butter

Queen of les diy boutonnieres (& that's not nearly all):

Queen of I-love-my-fashion-and-I-do-my-research!:

Wear it with pride mi ladies and keep writing those posts that have me clicking back for more.


Lorelai● said...

hey congrats!

Fashion Butter said...

HOLY CRAP, girl! This is so AMAZING. Thank you so much - I am extremely flattered and super humbled.

Throwing the love right back at 'cha. You are an inspiration!

katerina said...

You do deserve the title and the fashion blogging community even democratic accepts this kind of monarchy! Ho ho!

Nells said...

thank u soooooooooo much!!!
i shall wear it with pride!!!!

bubbles said...

My first award!!! :))))
Thank you so much Alecca!!!
:) :) :) :)

Lorelai● said...

congrats girl!

_nina_malvada_ said...

siginisi me piani...opos ton kero pou imastan liges ke diname awards i mia stin ali..tora i parea megaaaaaaaalose...

bravo sta koritsia!

Alessia said...

congratulations sweetie!