Saturday, 29 May 2010

Doll Parts for ss11

This is so out of the retouch suite and on to your screens. It's Celebrity Skin's latest styling and design work, get this, for Spring/Summer 11.

The concept: Doll Parts.
-click to enlarge.
clothes/ celebrity skin
black and white dress/ maria voultsou
swimsuit/ kostantina agaliou
photo/ fenia lambropoulou
model/ xenia - vn models

make up/ k.kontogiourgou
hair/ tzako plocation in berlin
styling assistant/ janine hopner

Konstantina Agaliou has been Dimitris Strepkos tutoring offspring and what a greater honour than a co-shooting with your master. Credits to Strepkos, who seems to understand well that the way forward is embracing new talent. After all, Eleni Barla his Celebrity Skin alter ego, used to be his student too.

This is a sneak preview of everybody's work for next year/fash-week, a visual experimentation and testing of shapes & fabrics selected for the new collection under construction. I like how they've escaped the dark era and have broken through to the other side, a much brighter and uplifting one.

Is this coming too early?
All the better then, plenty of space for constructive feedback.


lafashionelle said...

Amazing work! Well done guys! :))
congrats to alecca for the exclusive :)

Lopi said...

I love the brighter colours too!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures! and amazing clothes, i love the brighter colors too!

zoe.k. said...

Fab clothes
Fab photos!
Amazing work! :)))