Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Greek Cinema Costume Design Award goes to...

...Vassilis Barbarigos and Strella. Last Monday, May 3rd, was the Awards Ceremony of the new Hellenic Cinema Academy (our national 'Oscars'). The award for Cinema Costume design is (and should be) a big thing for anyone with an interest in clothes - way beyond temprary fashion. Congratulations to Barbarigos and wish him and Greek costume design every success in the future.
This blog had exclusively presented you the making-of of Strella's Traviata paper dress, a very complicated and award-deserving construction alone. However, I feel like mentioning Barbarigos' light piece too (seen here), now back to its original place, in his atelier's working space.

Apart from an award winning costume designer now, Vassilis Barbarigos has always been a fashion designer too, with his personal collections being sold to date at his Kleitiou str. atelier in Athens.
Last time I visited was in March and caught him working on yet another cinema costume project*, testing the effect of various types of fake blood on lace. "I know this looks good to you right now, but I think I'll go for that one which produces a realistic dry effect on camera", he had told me and for the first time I realised how much work it takes on the designer's part to get the right result in the scene. Acting is not all it takes. (*not allowed to reveal the project just yet)
Other awards for Strella:
Best Actress (Mina Orfanou),
Best Make-Up (Apollonia B. and Mary Stavrakaki),
Best Music (Michalis Delta) and
Best Set Design (Penelope Valti)

Congratulations, Strella.

Final thought: so it was the Greek Cinema Awards. So we have great talent and we reward it. So why isn't this a BIG thing on national television and press? I wish it grows.


A Brit Greek said...

Thanks for sharing, great post - i too hope that there is more press/support/media coverage on Greek Cinema like the BAFTAS in the UK.

Was it a proper Red carpet event? I would have loved to have seen some fab dresses!

irina said...

Great post! As for the lack of coverage in greek media, I wish I could blame the IMF or the debt, but then a certain porn star or a recently divorced singer/model/tv persona monopolises the interest of greek tv....

Lorelai● said...

autos o poluelaios einai tooso kitch alla trelenomai, peirazei pou mu aresei toso?

stella said...

2 thumbs up for the award and the coverage!

sofi moukidou said...

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good job girl!
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like reading ur blog.
Very inspiring ;)

Kostas P. said...

..very proud of you Mr Barbarigos.
Yours sincerely,
Kostas fr. London