Saturday, 8 May 2010

It was the lips

(photo: Spiros Staveris, Tachydromos Magazine, issue 532 - 08.05.10)
It was not my intention to return to posting this weekend, but today I woke up with a text message I could never ignore: "I just saw you on Tachydromos. I know those lips!". It seems that I can hide from all the people in the world, but not from the one who had spent quite a few hours photographing my lips back in 2005 (was it?) for an exhibition in London. That's MaryO and even though I never thought I'd be typing these words about being recognised, I am ever so glad I was, by her. What d'ya know, this time hiding meant staying in touch.
(photo: MaryO, about 5 years ago or so)


battered couture said...

hotness anyone?!?!? congrats on the taxudromos piece and what an honor Spyros Staveris! wooohooo!

meraldia said...

Υπέροχη φωτογράφηση, μπράβο!

*chara said...

Happy for u.
einai wraio na probalontai ta blogs apo periodika.
ante kamia mera mporei na r8ei k i seira m.. :p
i cross my fingers


katerina said...

Indeed awesome lips! The photos are really cool!

Nells said...

what a marvelous pic!!love the colours...feels like melting!!

The Kissters said...

your lips are great! that gloss is beautiful! :)