Friday, 21 May 2010

Friday light post

(photo of happy me by LFoF)
I think I was unaware of the actual length of my hair before this photo(!) It is natural, brown hair, that goes seriously light brown around August and that's about it. It hasn't always been like this though. As a matter of fact, my decision to keep it natural is a result of a rather long period of experimentation between the ages of 16 and 20. You can't say I haven't tried stuff:)

I've gone raven black and plum too, but that was boring. It took me at least two years of treatments, visible roots and short haircuts to see my natural colour again and ever since I'm in denial. I just want it healthy, natural and as long as it goes - once the heat kicks in, i'll be taking that last one back, won't I?

Have you ever put your hair into a test?

What's the craziest thing you've gone for?


zoe.k. said...

like, really blond for more than ten years!
and then red, which really sucked!
now I am going for the all natural light brown. It took me like two years to get rid of the blond and go back to my natural color, so I know exactly what you are talking about.

though the craziest thing I've ever done in my life - hair wise- was an a la garcon hair style, which, well, let's put it nicely it wasn't for me... :)

Elena said...

Ι think blonde would look SO good on you! I've done preety much everything as well and now I love my natural hair colour!

DanaiShips said...

Everything! Bleached, then died kinda green (it was an accident), then bright orange (another accident but I likedit), then burgundy red, then had black streaks, then total black, then red and short, then yellowish blond, then permed and brown, then strawberry red, then black with silver streaks (a horrible accident) then ginger and extensions and now, for 2 years, I'm proud to say my hair is naturally a blondish-reddish kind of light brown. I hear you sista!!

ShoppingTherapy said...

i've tried many colors, but nothing extreme. lately my hairdresser is kinda bored actually because i'm doing the same thing again and again.
btw i agree with the elena, i feel blonde would look nice on you

Unknown said...

Well the craziest was having them cut short kare (from long to my hips) by my brother who is not a hairdresser! Don't ask!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Oh my, i've put my hair through some crazy times, having jet black hair means any kind of colour treatment takes longer than everyone else (well back in the day it did).
Like you i've had everything under the sun done whilst moonlighting as a L'Oreal hair mod... you don't really get a say in how the 'look' will turn out!

Would love to see you go blonder - like a dirty blonde with lots of lighter blonde bits...Slap on a conditioning treatment if you are, the sun and sea has that awful drying out effect.

Have fun deciding girl!


chloe said...

i cannot believe this - i was collecting old pictures to do a similar post today, hehe, how funny!.. i'll let you decide what the craziest thing was! x

Alessia said...

Wow blue hair-really?!I think natural is the best,by far!

lisadrivesavan said...

Wow your natural hair is rather beautiful! but i think you have got to do some experimenting with colour at some point to appreciate the colour of your natural hair. ps loving your leather jacket <3

thank you for your sweet comment by the way, it made my day :D