Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Bloggers Preview chez Valuecom

(Ffffashionmixxxx - Life Full of Fashion - Fashion Paths)
It was bloggers preview time at Valuecoms headquarters last Thursday, a whole hour reserved before everybody else arrived for the showcasing of the company's represented brands' a/w 10 collections. It is safe to say that Valuecom ...values bloggers, as well as that that all attendants enjoyed the hospitality. It may be too early to talk winterwear right now, so here are a few refreshing pictures of what went on:
The colour palette of Benetton (above) and Sisley (below). Safe earthy hues and grey are suggested as a basis, with red, yellow, green, blue and lilac flashes.
Life in Athens encourages Valuecom's Penelope to go for the more imaginative styling of her necklace she had in mind all along. 'Wear it as you please' - a fash blogging value.
Summer shoes are already out. Summer is here then.
From left to right: The Soho Symposium, Las Ninas and Los Ninos, Fashion Paths & friend, Life in Athens, Life Full of Fashion.
An interesting initiative on a sunny, spring-summerish afternoon.


Unknown said...

Wish I was there! Love sisley and benetton! Quality meets good prices! Very informative post as usual!!

Lorelai Sebastian said...

ax ax ax
tha mas pethanete me tis fwtografies!!ftanei!
zileuoume!!! : (

Alecca Rox said...

heyyyy! photos are here to share the experience, not to make you jealous;)

Elena said...

:D Ωραία ήταν! Θέλω κιάλλο!

Thalia said...

a great evening indeed darling!

annie said...

nice to see all of you together!
I couldn't be there (damn..), but we have you,
with your news and pics!


Nells said...

it was super!!the preview was great...by the way i loved the pic you took of the three of us so i stole it(with reference)
so happy to see most of u in person!!
hope u r doing great♥

kataifi said...

gia afto se siba8o kali mou alecca....3exoristi fotografia gia to sushi....

(vevea..epitixia 8a ine ke foto " i nina molis ide oti exi sushi..")

poli omorfo apogevma pados... :)