Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Striped 'n' Buttoned

Parcels like this have been travelling across Athens lately (I suppose they'd go further if they were asked to). What are they? They are Stripes 'n' Buttons goodness. Mine is a sunflower boutonniere I fell in love with whilst reading her blog a while ago.
It arrived in a handmade cotton case, double the joy. Have known the girl who is S'n'B for quite a few years now, but this talent of hers was something I came to discover just like you, through her posts. The minute she made the first item was like opening Pandora's box, no turning back for her, no stopping her!
I went for a yellow one to brighten my days/nights/outfits. The result has such a feel-good vibe, planning to put it in action soon.
The S'n'B signature buttoned bow at the back. This clever bird marks her territory. Like. This clever bird is also in Barcelona and about to start reporting on Primavera Music Festival. Envy.

Loving my sunflower Stripes'n'Buttons, hope you're having a sunny trip yourself!


ShoppingTherapy said...

cute stuff!

zoe.k. said...

This bird is so tired that she will have to start reporting tomorrow! For the time being she's just blushing when reading all this! Talk very soon! I am sending sunny kisses fro sunny and bit rainy from time to time barcarole!

kataifi said...

oreos o fotinoulis ilios!