Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Online shopping, hello Fena

Going through last Saturday's papers, I found this really interesting piece of statistics: at the moment, 57% of Greek consumers is willing to shop/already shops online (TA NEA). That is a very encouraging percentage, even though we still got a bit to go to reach UK (83%) or Ireland (74%). The online consumers for Greece are currently some 620.000, four times up since two years ago.
Greek eshops are popping like mushrooms and to be honest, I'm quite pleased, among other reasons for the speed of delivery as well as not having to face the fat postage charges from abroad. is a new kid in town that recently challenged me to shop with as little as 50 euros of spending money. The variety of choice was great and Thessaloniki (where the store is based) became as close as the click of my mouse.
Since all prices are stock - reduced, I loaded my cart with a new pair of MEXX shorts (priced 21 euros), a purse by Nice Day Nice Things (priced at 19,50 euros) and a Petit Bateau baby body (for 8,10 euros). I must say this challenge could not have arrived at a better time: I urgently needed some new summerwear for this weekend, a purse that fits my money, keys and mobile and a gift for my friend's baby, but had no time to go out shopping.

So shopping came to me. It was easy, fast, efficient and quite a bargain-nest therefore I'm sharing. Did I hear you say it's time for a new swim-suit?!

At the moment, online shopping for clothes and accessories attracts only 15% of Greek online shoppers. It seems that this is about to change fast so start exploring. "Buy what you truly need" rule still applies;)


Anonymous said...

Here we can get good knowledge about online shopping percentage.

Lopi said...

that's gonna be one well-dressed baby!
I'm so glad greek on-line boutiques are making a blast, we so need them. no more silly shipping costs because we're ordering from the other side of the globe, not to mention the dreaded word *customs*

T said...

Oh yay! I am always looking for new online shopping that will ship to me here in the middle of the sea.

When I can't find what I am looking for in the local shops, it's such a big help to have an additional and convenient option to hit up.

A BRIT GREEK said...

Yay, finally!!!

I happen to be one of those UK statistics, i love online shopping now that i'm residing in Greece.

Alternatively, Dorothy Perkins and some Arcadia Group companies, Topshop do shipping for £5 to Europe. offer 7 euros for longer del. time or 14 euros for express delivery.

Would love to see your top 5/10 E-shops based in Greece!

Lorelai Sebastian said...

epsaxa to site kai exei teleia pragmatakia kai mporeis na vreis se merika eidi polu kales times!

an k emeis edw to exume dipla to stock!xixixixi