Monday, 13 December 2010

Fresh Line revelation

My skin is what you'd call 'combination' which translates to 'very hard to please'. Fresh Line's Lemon and Jasmine face cleanser was such a revelation to me. Skincare is something very personal but do try it if your skin is demanding. Against animal testing, natural ingredients, my skin clean and happy. Happy price too at 3.17 euros. Also just tried this body milk sample. It was all that so I'm preparing a space for the real deal on my bathroom shelf. In general, I think sample testing at home is the only way to know if a product suits you. Wish it worked like that with shampoos too.

- Who is Amphitrite (besides my cleansing milk)
- Who are Orpheus & Euridice (besides the body milk)


Unknown said...

aaah I love those..Fresh Line has amazing products

Velveteen said...

I love fresh line. I love the cake-like soaps and body milks. But it's been quite a while since I paid them a visit due to the fact that the salespeople are too insisting. In fact they made me feel poor. Do you know if things are different now? I repeat, it's been a 4 years ago!

Alecca Rox said...

@ Velveteen - I think this might have to do a) with the salespeople at the store you visited, b)with cosmetics salespeople in general.

I am not the right person to give you an opinion on this though because I don't think I am a regular consumer. I am too aware of what I am looking for and salespeople have no chance with me:)

This in mind, I'd say I faced no pressure;)

Velveteen said...

Yeah, maybe..It was the Kolonaki store. Maybe I should try their shop in a shop @ Hondos Center...God..that woman! I couldn't say no to her!