Thursday, 16 December 2010

Visiting Ma Chambre

Finally made it to Georgina Skalidi's pink basement and before too long, I wanted her 'chambre' to be mine. Imagine a handmade clutch nest literally underground. Hard to miss these shoes too. 'Lujuria' by fellow Spanish designer Maria Arellano who amongst other projects, has designed a private collection for Madonna.
Georgina Skalidi's ballerina's were special too, flat, simple and cute, matching those clutches of hers like they should. (That's right, took a useless picture of them inside their boxes - scroll up to first image or pay her a visit)
Ma Chambre is soon to relocate I was told, same neighbourhood though -so if you're reading this let's say in March '11- check before heading over.

As for what I left with, well, it was what I went for all along, against ongoing transport strikes, protests, lousy parking and all odds.
Deserves a post of its own.


ShoppingTherapy said...

δε περασα, γιατι ημουν σιγουρη πως θα παρασυρομουν κ θα ψωνιζα και ειμαι σε mode οικονομιας. περιμενω επομενως με αγωνια να δω τι πηρες!!

Reaction said...

tromeroi oi fakeloi!!!!wow