Thursday 30 December 2010

Patricia Munster's Fashion & Art - interview

Patricia Munster's relationship to both fashion and photography is special and her work reflects that, whether her subject is on the catwalk, backstage or on stage. Now she's got a blog of her own: IsFashionArt. Comes from Holland, lives in Athens and is currently one of the dearest behind-the-scenes faces in town. Meet Patricia, in her own words and shots:
"Photography is a hobby since I was a little child. During highschool I developed my own photos already. I worked at a clothing store at Saturdays and school holidays to support this hobby. At 22 I graduated from fashion management and worked in the fashion industry as merchandise manager, enjoying my hobby photography. Three years ago I decided to make my hobby, my profession".
Why do you feel that something as commercial nowadays as fashion, is art?
Art is an expression of creativity to generate aesthetic pleasure, in any kind of form. So fashion can be. But who are the real artists in the fashion world is an interesting quest.
As a fashion photographer, how did the fashion blogging boom influence your work?
There are many blogs that inspire me to take better photos. But also opportunities to expose my work world wide.
Why have you started a blog of your own?
I love to photograph and share my photos. But also to do something more than just photographing, to be able to comment. I am still in the beginning and exploring the possibilities of my blog.

Special moments captured by your lens?
I loved to photograph Jean Paul Gaultier, Diane von Furstenberg, George Michael and Beyoncé when they were in Athens. A special moment for my 'Dutch' lens was photographing Pieter van Hoogenband and Inge de Bruijn, two Dutch swimmers, winning each of them a golden medal in Athens during the Olympics. But most special moments captured by my lens are with friends.
How's the fashion photography profession in Greece vs other countries you've worked in?
In every country there are opportunities and challenges. Only in Greece the price you get for publishing your photo in a magazine is very low. Not to mention assignments... I do not like the attitude of some people here that think they can get photos for free and it doesn't cost you anything! And I hate when they copy my photos without even mentioning it!

Favorite Greek designer shows?
To select my favorite Greek designer show is difficult. So many shows I have captured and each one is unique in its own way. I enjoyed photographing the fashion weeks at Zappeio in the center of Athens, it had a more sophisticated ambiance than at Ethniki Asfalistiki or at Technopolis.
But the lighting is most important for me when capturing a show so the piece of art gets written well by my camera!

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