Saturday, 4 December 2010

Sublime Stitching

Since we are all in the search for some unusual yet affordable pressies right now, let me suggest... stitching embroidery patterns. The one above is currently featured at Tatty Devine's* devine eshop, for 4 quid. You can check it out or go for a hella lot more at Sublime Stitching, including stitching kits and tools. If in Athens, you can always walk in at one of the many shops opposite Syntagma square (direction Monastiraki) for a blast-from-the-past (yet so now) experience.

I'm sure this crosses out at least one name off your list...Does it?!

*Reads 'Art jewellery handmade in England' right at the top. English stuff handmade in England. You know how excited I go about declarations of local production:)


A BRIT GREEK said...

Brilliant idea for a gift! Will you be staying in Athens for X mas doll?


Velveteen said...

Can you elaborate on the stores across Syntagma Square? Which street exactly??

Alecca Rox said...

There are a couple at Kleitiou str., another one at Evaggelistrias (i think #22), another at Kolokotroni str. and in general, plenty in that area. You'll spot the yarn at the window;)

Alecca Rox said...

(@ A BRIT GREEK - yeap, not going anywhere. Are you?)

chloe said...

how strange that you posted about stitching.. ive had an idea of my head about doing iconic album covers (e.g nevermind the bollocks etc) in cross-stitch.. but thinking about it is as far as i got!