Sunday, 12 December 2010

Saturday night Metalla

Elias Fragoulis and Ino Mei promised Metalla would be a night of casualties. Count me among those down. I'm still hurting from last night - not sure if it was too much dancing or too much laughing that got me in the end. Turns out their ruthless djing brought trash* music fanatics and metal headbangers closer, under a shower of carnations (!?!) as well as... the threat of an enormous sword. Had to see to believe.
*some stongly insisted it was classics.

No wait, flash killed the projection. Here:
Weapons of choice. (They do hurt if target is unprepared)
Swing Bar floor as you've never seen it before:
Had forgotten how much I like this mix of Nirvana vs Rick Astley. Kept 100% of the house happy - although I've got the feeling half was dancing to one part of the mix and the rest to the other.
Smells like never gonna give you up.


joanaddicted said...

quite a night i lost hah? i was soooooo about to come, but (once again) last minute's cancellation was enough to make me jealous now!..
ino rocks!
chic ladies rock better!

Frances Davison said...

cooolest photos x