Monday, 6 December 2010

Sunday run

So you have a great Saturday night at a music festival and you end up sleeping over at someone else's place. Happens often or sometimes. But. It's not often when this someone is an avid runner and is going for Nike Run 10k in the morning. Oh-oh:)(Apparently bananas are the thing to eat after a long run or intense exercise)
(Thought these two had style. Go stylish runners. - actually they were good athletes too)
Beautiful setting, morning spent in nature, lively music and athletic people ready to run like the wind in high spirits. Kids playing in the sun, dogs chasing batterflies, kinda like a tv spot. Plus participants win cool Nike Run gifts. Great.

Not so great:
you are still wearing the shoes you wore last night - you haven't been home yet, remember? a) you get the look and you deserve it, b) you fear for your life walking on that ground in these shoes and c) shoes look this dirty once you're out of there. On top, you are also wearing jeans thus you can't go chasing batterflies too whilst everybody else is sweating for a new record. That's fail x 2.
Outfit hazard aside, it was a fun event, promoting health and fitness and suggesting an alternative to all wasted Sunday mornings sitting (snoozing) at the sofa, doing nothing. Happy I ended up there after all. I might even go for it next time, just to be a part of this.

*Runner I went to cheer for made an excellent finish. Respect.

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