Monday, 26 April 2010

7ply Project, Athens 2010

Here's some (girly) stuff you can do to your board.
All from the 7ply Poject exhibition at Technopolis, Gazi.
(See image title for artists names)

Or you can use it as a stool and gain a few cm over others in the crowd.
Action outside the exhibition area. Falls under stuff you can do to your board*. (* add 'BMX bike' to that)
Leaving you with a back flip flair. (i'm a knitter what do I know;) )

For more cool exhibits and action shots, visit Stop That Sound, here.


T said...

Oh, I wish we were able to attend that event! My husband was hard core into skateboarding - he would have loved it. I have to show this post to him.

Rianna said...

The board thats fuzzy and shaggy is the best!
Rianna xxx

martine said...

Great event in Athens!I'm not good at skate, but I love who do it!

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Lopi said...

I knew you'd love the "skate is dead long live knitting and reading" board!

Nells said...

what an awesome project.i love it when people get creative in such wayz!!

Vasilis Botoulas said...

Hey! "Long live knitting and reading" was one of my boards... :-)