Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Deux Hommes a/w 10 show, a taste

Last night, at about 20:30, Greek designer duo Deux Hommes held their show for a/w 10. A packed event as usual, with many loud names of fashion, media and tv on front row.

Location: hotel Grande Bretagne in the heart of Athens.
Inspiration: Heroines of iconic erotic photographers of the '70s.
Materials: Cashmere, silk and velvety fabrics, real fur effect using no real fur, laser-cut leather.

Impression of the current underwear-as-outerwear trend was distinct. A very good show and a strong collection, with colour palette traveling from point nude to black, making stops at chocolate brown and blurry gold.

Still views of what it was like, at the 'fashion show' section of Patricia Munster.

For a more enligtening video, visit the Global Hipster sometime later this afternoon.


stella said...

το goody bag των deux hommes δεν πια korres? μόνο παρλιάρο ?(σλουρπ βεβαια)

Hana said...

So lucky!



Alecca Rox said...

@ stella - there was a second part of the goody bag, including a make-up brush and a set of 'Deborah' shades. No korres this time, still, delicious! :)

MargieF said...

perfect colour pallette...great show!

leinti nti said...

oraio freebie! kai to gliko kai ta deborah...kai vevea kai oi deux hommes!