Monday, 19 April 2010

FF Thought #9

"Fashion is fun".
"Fashion can be fun".
"There was a time when fashion was fun".
"Fashion is what you make out of it".

(image: back cover of Manina magazine, issue 510, published on March 30th 1982)


Thalia said...

i loved manina!!!
do u still have issues?

not a girl not yet a woman! said...

OMG!You remind me of good old days..!

daisychain said...

love it

leinti nti said...

amazing. where did you find that? do you still keep them?

Alecca Rox said...

i have mine somewhere, dated after 1987 though!

this one came home with me after Holy Mustache's* last bazaar and it dates back to 1982 - fashion advice is unbelievable, i.e. what to do if your parents do not allow you to wear jeans:)

*he did have quite a selection of old mags among other vintage stuff.

Nells said...

panagia mou!!ti mou 8ymises tora!!periodika tis manas mou!!
merika ta exei kratisei kiolas!(oxi oloklira ta agapimena tis fulla se ena dosie)
poso diaforetika itan ola tote!!

ZINA said...

Nice blog! well done
ime ellinida alla menw Barcelona
An exis xrono rikse mia matia ke sto diko mu

Zina from Fashionvibe