Sunday, 11 April 2010

Lucky me

issue: April 2010
sharing page with: nina malvada
thanks Lucky, thank you Dora Christidou.
re: photo

*text says that back at a class field trip, I went on crisps for a week to spend my allowance on more clothes. true, been there, done that, ate those. was it worth it? no. it's not how much stuff you buy, but of what kind. if you're not there yet, you're on your way.


Krislyn said...

congratulations! wow what an honor. :)

Jessica Weingarten said...

Wow, congratulations! :)


olivia parker said...

wow, thats amazing!
lucky you is right xx

battered couture said...


T said...

congrats! I have that issue and saw you in there!! awesome.

Thalia said...

cool girl!!!!

daisychain said...

congrats! x

kataifi said...

bravo mas..teriazame kapos ke xromatika..huhuhu..

sou klevo tin foto...(dn exo scaner..)