Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sophia Kokosalaki / Linda Farrow

Taking a quick break from show reports to welcome April. It's springtime and one of the most distinctive accessories of the season is sunglasses. With sunshine making a come-back and temperatures rising, they are slowly becoming the centre of attention once again.

The realisation came yesterday when a friend came to see me featuring the candy-red pair above. It's the result of a collaboration between Linda Farrow and Sophia Kokosalaki, bought from and reduced to 60-something pounds from 200-something. By all means, a bargain.

This post brings no news other than that. April starts with thoughts over new sunglasses. Catwalk posting will continue though as fashion weeks take place only twice a year and I feel it's important to know what's out there, or here if you like.

Oh and don't forget, it is "April Fools' Day" today, have some extra fun.


T said...

those are really cute. I just love sunnies. Even my husband is obsessed with them.

meraldia said...

Ιδέα δεν είχα γι' αυτή τη συνεργασία! Η Κοκοσαλάκη είναι φοβερή, ό,τι πιάνει γίνεται χρυσάφι. Κοίταξα τώρα στο και βρήκα παρόμοια με 86BP και με τρώνε τα χέρια μου..

Lopi said...

Well, I sure didn't know Sophia Kokosalaki had a sunglasses range out, even more collaborating with Linda Farrow. The red is delicious!

And I'm exactly on you on the matter of fashion-week posting... I finished off fashion week exhausted and terribly back-blogged, but I refuse to let all the pics just go to waste.

Elena said...

Well... LIKE!