Thursday, 1 April 2010

FWA - day 3, Vassilis Zoulias

"Back in the days when elegance was essential and there was no crisis....women just wanted to look nice, dress up and have fun" the intro of this show's release sets the mood. Crisis aside, women never stopped wanting to dress up and have fun.

And neither has Zoulias' nostaglia for old Athens' fashion falshbacks. As if walking from stylish '60s Greek movies, his models featured his Prêt-à-Porter collection for a/w 10. There's a change: Prêt-à-Porter instead of a cocktail dress galore. Other than that, very Zoulias, very "Old Athens" and very elegant.
Zoulias' show sheets always include an oldschool numbered list of each model 'exit' and brief description of the garments. Nice vintage touch.
Spiros Poros' beautiful wife, model, Kylie Bax.

Among the acknowledgments, special thanks to certain ladies for donating their silk scarves. Another interesting touch: all these newborn clothes and accessories were accompanied by scarves that already have a home and a story, bringing subtle elements of real life on the catwalk and a bit of their owners' essence.

And the clip, featuring parts of the show, calves on stilettos and at some point, Melroy-Sandra's blonde curls.

(catwalk photos by Patricia Munster)


ShoppingTherapy said...

θυμάμαι μια φορά είχε χρησιμοποιήσει ένα γνήσιο 50’s καρό τραπεζομάντιλο για να φτιάξει μια φούστα :)

Froso M. said...

Parolo pou ta rouxa tou einai gia pio megales hlikies (dyskola tha edeixnan monterna se mia 25ara) den mporw para na ypoklithw sto talento too. Proud to be Greek, aytos kai h Sophie Coco. Filia!

Chloe In The Sky said...

the king of retro =]

alessia said...

Polu wraio blog,sugxarhthria!Ama 8es tsekare kai to diko mou,eimai akoma sta prwta mou vimata :)
kisses :*

Vicki said...

Hey my dear fabulous post :) I always read your blog and think u cld write a book on your life cos it was always sounds so exotic and exciting!! the fabulous life of the Alecca Rox ;)
vicki xo

Jessica said...

he is the epitomy of vintage style but managed in this collection to inject a few modern touches as well. well done then :)